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Riverside Healthcare Expands Emergency Department

New triage unit designed to make patient care more efficient

Riverside Healthcare is transforming the way emergency care is delivered with the addition of Riverside Medical Center’s new emergency department triage area. The triage area, an expansion to the emergency department, is designed to enhance the patient experience by making it more efficient through expedited care.

A triage area allows the emergency department team to determine the degree of urgency for each patient in scenarios not involving transport by ambulance. Upon arriving to the Riverside Medical Center Emergency Department, each patient will be brought into one of the front triage rooms to be assessed by the nurse, who will then determine which emergency department area is best for treating the patient; the triage area or the main emergency department.

For example, a patient who arrives with a sprained wrist will be taken to the triage area. There, the patient will be made comfortable, possibly given pain medication, and have an x-ray ordered. Another patient, for example, who arrives with chest pain will be taken directly to the main emergency department where a more detailed examination will be performed.

While the main emergency department is staffed by physicians trained to care for critically ill patients, an advanced practice provider, such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, will be available in the triage area to expedite care for patients.

Medical emergencies are never planned, but rest assured patients experiencing all levels of illness will receive the highest quality care at the Riverside Medical Center Emergency Department.

For treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, including colds and flu, burns, earaches, rashes, urinary tract infections and more, consider visiting one of Riverside’s seven Immediate Care locations. Visit riversidehealthcare.org for a list of locations.